10 Famous Nerd’s First Tweets

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10 Famous Nerd’s First Tweets

Twitter supplied us with the tool to check out anyone’s first tweet, so I did.

Ask most long-term users of twitter what their first tweet was and it’s unlikely that many will recall it.  For some it would surely have been a cringe-worthy baptism into a brave new model for social media. Others have just always been naturally entertaining in 140 characters or less.

I set about the task of peeping in on some of twitter’s most loved nerds and respected tweeters to find out just how they popped their cherry.

You can check out twitter’s Discover tool here.

Wil Wheaton

Famously played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek TNG – Career Nerd. An unremarkable first leap into the world of twitter for Wil. I wonder if he ever found out? Guess not.

Simon Pegg

Another member of the Trek family and a rather matter of fact beginning to his twitter life. Not really stretching the 140 character limit.

Patrick Stewart

Let’s keep it on trend and throw in Captain Jean Luc Picard. I’d have loved his first tweet to simply read “Engage”. Sadly it doesn’t.

Nathan Fillion

Moving Sci-Fi adventures to Captain Mal of Firefly/Serenity and Mr Fillion displays an admiral level of self awareness.

Joss Whedon

Creator of Firefly, Buffy and a million other cool television series, Mr Whedon was a relative late comer to twitter only joining in May 2013. Good use of characters though.

Kevin Smith

Indie film maker, comic book author, podcaster and television presenter. Mr Smith shares his world with the world in almost every detail. His fist tweet surprisingly lacks much of a punch.

Chris Hardwick

Better known as the Nerdist, television host and sometimes actor,  Mr Hardwick has carved out a career from being a nerd.

Felicia Day

Miss Day is another career nerd, a role model and influential leader for nerdy girls, an online creator and reviewer. Miss Day is rather matter of fact.

Corey Doctorow

Author of Homeland, Pirate Cinema and The Rapture Of The Nerds, Mr Doctorow’s novels are littered with nerdy and pop-culture references. Wil Wheaton even features as himself in Homeland. Cory is also co-editor of boingboing.net. Trust me, his books make more sense than his first tweet.

MC Frontalot

The godfather of Nerdcore Hip-Hop and friend to many a famous nerd in this list. Front seems to have doubt about his actions in his first journey onto twitter.


Will Harrison

About the author | Will Harrison

Founder of The Unheard Nerd. A husband and father of two girls, Will is a fan of Nerdcore Hip-Hop, a comics fiend, a podcast host and champion of independent nerd culture. | Follow will on twitter: @TheUnheardNerd

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