201 Days of the X-Files

201 Days of the X-Files

The classic 1990’s television show, ‘The X-Files’ is returning for a limited series in 2016. Fox television is already starting up the marketing machine.

First broadcast in September of 1993, ‘The X Files’ was a huge success and ran for nine seasons and spawned two feature films. Now after four years, Fox Television has announced that a limited run season of six episodes will air in January of 2016 and filming is already underway in Vancouver.

Even though were six months away, Fox has just revealed a short commercial revealing that if you watch one episode a day starting today (7th July 2015), you will be able to watch all 201 episodes just in time for the new series.

Whilst the commercial is a compilation of footage from the original series, the ending does contain a glimpse of two new shots from next years show.


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