24: Live Another Day | First Teasers

24: Live Another Day | First Teasers

Terrorists beware, Jack Bauer is back with a brand new 24 mini series starting in May. The action takes place in London where Jack is still on the run as a wanted fugitive. Released during the Superbowl, here are five specially shot teaser trailers.

Kiefer Sutherland returns as Jack Bauer and he is joined by series regular┬áMary Lynn Rajskub who once again plays Chloe O’Brian. There will be new faces as well including Stephen Fry who has been confirmed to play the British Prime Minister.

This new season is set four years after the last and will only run for twelve episodes with each one appearing in real-time just as before. But because there are only half the usual number of episodes there will be differing time gaps between each one.

US viewers can see the first episode on 5th May on Fox. UK fans will be close behind on Sky Atlantic.





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