A Worrying Second Trailer for ‘Gods Of Egypt’

A Worrying Second Trailer for ‘Gods Of Egypt’

A month since the release of the first trailer we get our second look at ‘Gods Of Egypt’. but why am I so worried?

Will already posted his initial reactions to the first trailer that was released just one month ago. I must confess I have very similar thoughts to his.

It’s not uncommon for big budget films to use unfinished visual effects shots in their trailers, but ‘Gods Of Egypt’ contains so many poor looking shots that in my eyes shout, “GREEN SCREEN!” I’m worried if the final film will look any better.

And why is Gerard Butler, playing the role of the god Set,  reprising his King Leonidas role from ‘300’ all over again?

Alex Proyas who has directed some of my favorites such as ‘The Crow’, ‘Dark City’ and ‘I, Robot’ is behind the camera once again. I can only hope the finished project looks more….err finished.

Title: Gods Of Egypt | Release Date US: 26th February | UK: 26th February


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