Absolutely Anything Goes With Simon Pegg’s New Powers

Absolutely Anything Goes With Simon Pegg’s New Powers

A group of power crazed aliens decide that the Earth should be destroyed. To give mankind one last chance, the aliens give god like powers to one man, a school teacher. If he uses the powers for good, the Earth will be saved. If not, our chances don’t look good.

Featuring a fantastic cast, this film looks like a great deal of fun. Simon Pegg is Neil Clarke, a school teacher that receives the immense power from the mysterious group of aliens voiced by the Monty Python team (John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Eric Idle). Neil also gives the power of speech to his pet dog who is voiced by the late Robin Williams in his last role.

Title: Absolutely Anything | Release Date US: TBA | UK: 14th August



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