The Adventures Of Indiana Jones | Animated Short

The Adventures Of Indiana Jones | Animated Short

Our resident movie buff John Abbitt aka @UKFilmNerd reported on the work of talented artist Patrick Schoenmaker earlier in the month and got us all anticipating a taster of what an animated Indian Jones series could look like.

Around the time that the last movie in the series, ‘Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull’, was released, Schoenmaker, who works as a character designer and animator, was commissioned by Lucasfilm to create a image that showed what an animated Indiana Jones might look like. The studio didn’t pursue the project but the idea remained with Schoenmaker.

Inspired by the release of ‘the Crystal Skull’ Schoenmaker decided to commit himself to creating an animated “Proof of concept” based on his original artwork.

In his article John posted up images and posters for the project that has become known as ‘The Adventures of Indiana Jones’ along with a release date for the finished animation, September 29th. The announcement did come with one caveat:

Just a little disclaimer though, please don’t expect a full feature film, or even a 20 minute episode. Animation is a lot of work and there’s only so much you can accomplish with a small team of 1 and a handfull of assistants. Think more like something along the lines of a fully animated proof of concept.

The actual running time of the short is a modest 1 minute 40 seconds, but within this short time-frame Schoenmaker packs in plenty of classic Indy.

The result is spectacular and much of the internet has lost it’s shit praising the artist’s’ commitment and achievement. The prospect of an animated series where Indy, in his prime, can continue his adventures is hugely appealing, especially if it’s to the same high quality as Schoenmaker’s work.

Someone has to pick this up, right?

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