Akira The Don Remixes The Westworld Theme

Akira The Don Remixes The Westworld Theme

Continuing his recent series of TV theme remixes Akira The Don turns his hand to the latest HBO blockbuster, Westworld.

Daredevil? Check. Stranger Things? Check. Westworld, oh yes. Akira The Don has added his own twist to the theme from HBO’s new smash hit television show. The LA based producer is a huge fan of the show and felt compelled to remix the theme music.

This remix comes off the back of his recent, and very popular, Stranger Things theme remix and continues the theme started with his version of the Marvel/Netflix show Daredevil.

Westworld is a new show for this year from HBO which centres around an amusement park where guests can live out their most wild fantasies in an environment where the inhabitants are robotic hosts programmed with an artificial consciousness. No matter how illicit, with no repercussions, rich vacationists can take their imaginations to extremes.

About Akira The Don | Akira The Don is a world-famous DJ, producer, artist, songwriter, illustrator, actor, public speaker and “one man party machine” based in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He’s a resident DJ at “LA’s hottest celebrity hangout” Blind Dragon , and plays regularly at Bootsy Bellows, The Mondrian, The Roosevelt, and many other legendary night spots.

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