Akira The Don | A.T.D.R.I.P | Album

Akira The Don | A.T.D.R.I.P | Album

That’s it. It’s done. Akira The Don is dead, long live Akira The Don.

U.K rapper Akira The Don leaves us with a farewell LP as he closes this chapter of his musical career, at least for the foreseeable future, maybe forever. On his website (akirathedon.com) the Don posted this statement:

Welcome then, to the farewell ATD LP. I’m saying farewell, rather than final, because no one truly knows what the future holds, and bands that claim to be going away for ever then return kind of annoy me – but I have no plans to making any more Akira The Don music, not in any kind of near-future anyway…

The music you’ll find here was created and written at various times and in various places for various reasons over the past year or two. Only thee of the songs were intended for the purported third ATD studio album, the conclusion to the trilogy I started with When We Were Young. Along the way, however, I realised I wasn’t ready to tell that story yet – more things had to happen in my life first, I had more to learn…

The farewell LP, A.T.D.R.I.P is available to download now in digital format for just £5 with other merchandise bundles available.

So what now for the artist formerly known as Akira The Don? Well, he has a new project titled Midnitemen which you can check out at midnitemen.com.


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