Akira The Don – Twin Peaks Theme [Remix]

Akira The Don – Twin Peaks Theme [Remix]

Continuing his series of pop culture theme remixes Akira The Don turns his attention to Twin Peaks.

With David Lynch’s cult classic series Twin Peaks, set to return to television in late May, Akira the Don draws inspiration from the show’s theme for his latest remix.

This most recent addition to his long-running series of reworked theme tunes takes the instantly recognisable Twin Peaks title music, composed by Angelo Badalamenti, and adds ATD’s easily recognisable Peak Wave twist.

Without diluting the feel of the original composition significantly Akira the Don adds tight trap-style snares and hi-hats with a sympathetic kick and chill melodies.

The producer/vocalist has been working on the concept for a Twin Peaks remix, on and off, for around five years, and like his recent ‘Ghost in the Shell‘ track, the wait has be worthwhile. There’s also a vocal version incoming featuring Houston, Texas rapper Fat Tony alongside Akira the Don.

ATD’s Twin Peaks remix is available to download for free via soundcloud.

About Akira The Don | Akira The Don is a world-famous DJ, producer, artist, songwriter, illustrator, actor, public speaker and “one man party machine” based in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He’s a resident DJ at “LA’s hottest celebrity hangout” Blind Dragon , and plays regularly at Bootsy Bellows, The Mondrian, The Roosevelt, and many other legendary night spots.

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