Alfie Plays It Stupid | Video

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Alfie Plays It Stupid | Video

Alfie drops a video for the first single from his debut album New Fans.

Hailing from Halifax NS, Alfie takes the lead in the visual for the tongue in cheek track (underscored with humour) Stupid. The video depicts a neighbourhood group of friends running a bicycle chop shop.

Much like the video, the lyrics in the song are humorous in explaining how Alfie has taken a leadership role to his surroundings with excessive tongue-in-cheek bragging. Contrasting against the sporadic and comedic offensiveness of the song, the idea was to take something as innocent as adolescent neighbour pals, and turn them into rebel characters who terrorize the neighbourhood.

The video comes with a disclaimer: The language portrayed in this song has been borrowed from ancient rap lyrics past, and in no way reflect Alfie’s feelings towards the most beautiful creature on this planet; woman. Take that spoon out of your ass and relax. I’m out here tryna play it Amy Smart. This is hip-hop.

Will Harrison

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    September 30, 2014

    I loved the video


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