Alien Identity Reborn As Triborn

Alien Identity Reborn As Triborn

A new science fiction film entitled ‘Triborn’ seeks your help on Kickstarter as 20th Century Fox doesn’t appreciate their fans.

Earlier this year I posted a story in which director Adam Sonnet was  hoping to create a new original film set within the ‘Aliens’ universe. He had already cast several actors including Carrie Henn and Ricco Ross who both appeared in ‘Aliens’, released in 1986. You can read more about that in the original posting.

Despite the presence of other Alien/Aliens fan films, maybe the use of original ‘Aliens’ actors was a bit too much to bear for 20th Century Fox’s legal department who sent out a cease and desist letter. Adam respectfully stopped production and has started again on a new original project.

Entitled ‘Triborn’, this new project keeps the original cast and crew but this time creates something new without stepping on any legal toes.

Here is the official synopsis,

In the distant future, humankind has grown prosperous in the reaches beyond our own star system. Colonies stretch in every direction far into the vast void of darkness. A void that holds more than we could ever imagine.

Our story follows Alex Jacobs, precocious flight officer on board the deep space medical response transport EMRSS Redivivus. Though she is successful in her friendships and her budding career, she feels at a stalemate with finding an answer to the question that drives us all; “Who am I?”

Alex struggles with vivid flashbacks of her past and bizarre dreams of a troubled childhood that she cannot explain. Until now she has managed these experiences but they have begun to take a toll on her. While investigating her origins, she discovers a monstrous conspiracy that threatens the lives of her crew, a secret that she alone has the capacity to confront. The darkest of times is upon her, and if she is to survive, Alex must learn above all else the value of never letting go of hope.


Colony Concept by Gale Benning

Once again the project is hoping to be crowd sourced and there are just over three weeks to go at the time of writing to hopefully raise the much needed $150,000.

At the Kickstarter site you can see a personal message from director Adam Sonnet, pre-production artwork, hear a sample of the films soundtrack and lots more.

Find out more at the Kickstarter site of Triborn.



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