Ant-Man | Trailer #2

Ant-Man | Trailer #2

Here we have our second look at Marvel’s second release of the year, Ant-Man. Paul Rudd is Scott Lang, a thief who is given a second chance and with the help of a special suit that enables him to becomes the Ant-Man

I’m still undecided about this film, whilst I love the new comedy aspects hinted at in this trailer, its the CGI that looks …off. Still as the internet wouldn’t have you believe, you should never judge a film by its trailer.

Title: Ant-Man | Release Date US: 17th July | UK: 17th July


John Abbitt

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    April 13, 2015

    Yellowjacket looks badass. Somehow they’ve managed to pull that off but I see what you mean about the CGI, it just doesn’t look right. Still a vast improvement on the first trailer and the end sequence made me laugh.


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