Autocorrect | i Am america sand so an yeti | Review

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Autocorrect | i Am america sand so an yeti | Review

What does ‘i Am america sand so an yeti’ even mean?

Autocorrect hail from Columbia, South Carolina and they have an EP out which has a title I can’t pretend to understand. Hit play and you’re greeted with a loose slacker vibe from the opening track hearing aid. Splashy beats, rattly guitar and laid back vocals ease you into the six track i Am america sand so an yeti.

A slicker jazz infused theme permeate through track two Laissez Tomber Les Filles which picks up the pace from a lazy walk to a gentle canter. The vocals are delivered with a dry confidence that doesn’t vary much in tone but suits the feel of the track. A slight tremolo effect on the guitars and atmospheric samples gives an eerie feel to the instrumental atmosphere Control Music as we approach the midway point.

Things get a touch stranger on you never ready the Body (for the record the jaunty capitalisation is as presented on the EP) as the rapping is ditched in favour of discordant singing, crazy beats and sonic guitars. Taking another sharp change of direction Ducking shot ventures into ambient territory with a slow tempo beat atmospheric guitars and a hint of trip-hop, though the vocals are vaguely choral in a way. At a little over four minutes long this is the longest track on the release.

i Am america sand so an yeti concludes with Neato, a short track that revives the hip-hop whilst maintaining a sense of the strange.

The EP is out now as a name your price release via Autocorrect’s bandcamp page and it is well worth investing half an hour to indulge.

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