Back To The Future’s History & Alternate Timelines

Back To The Future’s History & Alternate Timelines

Back To The Future celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and to celebrate, IDW Publishing will issue a four part comic series.

Now it’s not unusual for big film licences to generate comic spin offs. I remember many big summer blockbuster films not only receiving a comic adaption, but sometimes a prequel series as well.

For example, I read a two issue prequel to Independence Day (ID4) which showed the crop duster, Russell Casse who was played by Randy Quaid in the film,  being abducted by the aliens and experimented upon. A story point that was touched on in the film but allowed to be played out in the comic in full.

Now a new Back To The Future comic series from IDW publishing will use the same format. Everyone knows and loves these films so well that we aren’t receiving an adaptation. These four issues will further expand the history of the Back To The Future universe.

As stated in the press release:

“In the first tale of the debut issue, we head back to 1982 and witness the very first meeting between Marty McFly and Doc Brown, before their incredible adventures together began. Then in the second chapter, we head back even farther to 1943 and see how Doc Brown got himself mixed up in the infamous Manhattan Project!”

As the headline of the piece explains, other stories in the comic series will also play out alternate timelines to see how events could’ve turned out. Back To The Future trilogy producer, Bob Gale, has overseen the stories to ensure they stay within the rules and settings of the beloved films.

Back To The Future #1 will hit newsstands in October 2015.




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