Batman Ninja | First English Trailer!

Batman Ninja | First English Trailer!

Highly anticipated anime, Batman Ninja, already has two awesome trailers but here’s the first in English!

We first reported on Batman Ninja back in December last year. The story tells of the Joker using a time travel device to transport himself, Batman and several others back to feudal Japan.

Having all of his gadgets and vehicles destroyed by the time travelling, Batman must suit up in the armour of the period and become a ninja.

With the help of Robin, Nightwing and of course several other famous accomplices, not forgetting Alfred, they will try and stop Batman’s greatest adversary, the Joker.

As a fan of both anime and Batman, I’m loving the aesthetic of this film and cannot wait to see the final product. Batman Ninja will receive a theatrical release in Japan whilst the rest of the world will be able to watch on DigitalHD from 3rd April and Bluray/DVD 8th May.


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