British Knight Rider Fans, Get Your Own K.I.T.T Ahead Of This Christmas

British Knight Rider Fans, Get Your Own K.I.T.T Ahead Of This Christmas

This Pontiac Trans-Am replica of ‘K.I.T.T’ from ‘Knight Rider’ could be yours before Christmas for just £16,000.00.

Seller, jetpackmacs, has three items for sale on ebay at present. A 27″ iMac, a tannoy speaker and something a little more special.

In the classified car section you’ll find a genuinely iconic automobile. A 1983 Pontiac Trans-Am that’s been modified to look like K.I.T.T, the star of ’80s television show ‘Knight Rider’, the car that starred alongside David Hasselhoff.

Based on a Mark 1 Pontiac Trans-Am, the same model as used for the show, the car for sale has a modified exterior that replicates the stylings of K.I.T.T, including the extended nose and LED sensor lights, as well as a reproduction interior and dashboard.

KITT Interior

The custom work was carried out before the current seller took ownership but he has replaced the engine with a new 5.7 litre V8 that boasts less than 500 miles on the clock. Other than that the description is honest enough stating that the car is in need of some TLC. The interior especially is apparently a little worn.

It sounds like a reluctant sale but the current owner is clear that he simply doesn’t have the time to maintain the car as well as he’d like to. The asking price is just under £16,000.00 and for that an MOT will be thrown in as the car is not currently registered for road use. The buyer must collect from Essex.

Check out the ebay listing here.

If I had a spare £16k laying around I wouldn’t even be typing this post. I’d be driving around in my own Knight Industries Two Thousand replica (K.I.T.T).

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