Can Derek Zoolander Save The World Again?

Can Derek Zoolander Save The World Again?

The international male model, Derek Zoolander is once again called upon to save the world from the evil fashion designer Mugatu. But is this film over a decade too late?

I’ve said it before, I love the original ‘Zoolander’ starring Ben Stiller as the world famous but not too bright male model Derek Zoolander. The film was a fun poke at the fashion world and a sequel has been on the cards for many years.

Now, almost fifteen years later, we have Derek returning in Zoolander 2 along with Owen Wilson as Hansel and Will Ferrell as the evil fashion designer, Mugatu.

My first impressions are that this film genuinely looks like a lot of fun but I’ve been burnt by good trailers for bad films before. Especially sequels that arrive many years after the original that turn out to be major disappointments. Anchorman 2, I’m looking at you!

Title: Zoolander 2 | Release Date US: 12th February |UK: 12th February


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