Celebrate Mega Man’s 30th Anniversary With Limited Edition Cartridges

Celebrate Mega Man’s 30th Anniversary With Limited Edition Cartridges

As the game celebrates its 30th anniversary, Capcom have teamed up with iam8bit to create limited edition cartridges for classic Mega Man titles.

‘Mega Man 2’ and ‘Mega Man X’ are both getting special edition releases to celebrate the ‘blue bomber’s’ thirtieth birthday. Capcom have teamed up with iam8bit.com to create two special releases.

Mega Man 2

Strictly limited to 8,500 cartridges, ‘Mega Man 2’ is available to buy as an authentic Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge. 7,500 units come in opaque light blue whilst 1,000 will be sent out in ‘glow in the dark’ blue.

Mega Man X

Similarly the run of 8.500 ‘Mega Man X’ Super Nintendo cartridges have been produced with 7,500 opaque white units and the remaining 1,000 in the same ‘glow in the dark’ blue.

You won’t be able to pick which colour you receive though as iam8bit state that the cartridges have been sealed and boxed at random so that even they don’t know which version is being shipped.

Not just collectors items, these cartridges are playable too. Each game comes pristinely packaged with instruction books and embossed, glossy boxes.

Cartridges are available to pre-order now for shipping in September. But holy-moly do you need to want these. Each one comes with a price tag of $100.

Visit iam8bit.com now to find out more.

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