Celebrating ‘Alien Day’, Reebok Are To Re-Issue Ripley’s Alien Stompers

Celebrating ‘Alien Day’, Reebok Are To Re-Issue Ripley’s Alien Stompers

The 26th of April is to be dubbed ‘Alien Day’ as a celebration of the movie franchise in a similar vein to Back to the Future day back in October last year.

And just like Back to the Future Day, ‘Alien Day’ will bring with it a re-issue of an iconic item of footwear. We saw Marty McFly’s self-lacing Nike Mags become reality, now Reebok will re-issue Ellen Ripley’s Stompers trainers.

They may lack the sci-fi razzle and dazzle of McFly’s kicks and they may look like they were designed for a toddler with their velcro fasters. In fact they’re pretty butt-ugly! However there is something pretty kick-ass about these hefty Hi-Top basketball style sneakers. Like Sigourney Weaver’s character in the movies there’s something robust and functional about them, and quite frankly, if you’ve got the ball to wear them you’ve probably got the swagger to pull of the no-nonsense look.

Mid-top variations are also expected.

Reebok Stompers

The date for ‘Alien Day’ have been chosen in true nerd style. In the first of the franchise the planet Ripley is sent to investigate is famously titled LV-426.

4 = April, 26 = er, the 26th. Job done!

There is expected to be a flurry of Alien merchandise released not least to celebrate James Cameron’s second installment Aliens which turns 30 this year and saw the introduction of the Reebok Stompers.

Reebok Stompers will be available from April 26th with a price point of €180.00 (UK Price to be confirmed).

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