A Challenge For All ’80s Kids | The Videokid

A Challenge For All ’80s Kids | The Videokid

London based Pixel Trip Studios pay tribute to classic arcade video games with The Videokid: 80s Edition.

The Videokid relies on many tried and trusted video game tropes with a huge dollop of ’80s retro styling. Your lead character intentionally bears a resemblance to Marty McFly from ‘Back to the Future’ and pilots a skateboard in a game that borrows heavily from the gameplay style of Paperboy.

Aesthetically the game’s character design borrows from the blocky stylings of Minecraft. Like Paperboy the game is played as a diagonal scroller but instead of delivering newspapers The Videokid is distributing pirate VHS along his route whilst collecting coins and avoiding life threatening pitfalls.

With only one life the purpose of The Videokid is to complete your ‘video run’, avoid death and reach Jessica, the damsel in distress, before time runs out.

From the outset you’ll have as much fun identifying the myriad of pop culture references as playing the actual game. Pixelated Superman, Roger Rabbit, Chipmunks, characters from Peanuts, the TARDIS, the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard, E.T. and Herbie are amongst just a few of those depicted on-screen from the very start.

The Videokid is like a video game ‘Ready Player One’ it’s so crammed with nostalgia. Best of all, it’s accessible, fun and compelling too.

It’s a simple concept borrowing from the golden age of gaming, but The Videokid  is presented very well, and for only £2.99 through Steam (PC Only) it’s a bargain.

Available now through Steam [£2.99] more information at videokidgame.com

Retro nostalgia by the truck load, very playable. – 4/5


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