Charge Your Phone With 1.21 Jigawatts Of Power!

Charge Your Phone With 1.21 Jigawatts Of Power!

Now you too can have your own Flux Capacitor in your car! It won’t unfortunately let you travel through time, but you can charge your phone and tablet on your journey!

Those guys over at have released an officially licensed Back To The Future Flux Capacitor that will charge your devices whilst in the car. It even features the cool “fluxing” effect while it gets to work (This feature can be turned on/off as you wish).

The charger features two USB ports, one for phones and another for tablets/iPads, and the flux capacitor itself rotates so you can find the best position for it to sit in your car.

It only costs $25 but unfortunately there available outside the US or Canada. (Yes, I’m sobbing as I write this!)

For more information on the charger and how to get one (at the time of writing, they’re sold out again!), visit



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