Comics | The Pull List | 19th November

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Comics | The Pull List | 19th November

Each week I bring you a preview of what’s hitting your local comic book store shelves come Wednesday, but what am I reading? This is The Pull List where I discuss the comics I’ve picked up this week.

Last week was certainly lighter on the pull list than the week before with just one of my regular titles hitting comic book shelves, and I can’t just walk out with one read so there’s my wildcard too, Punk Mambo from Valiant Comics. Daredevil has proven a quality read so far but as this arc reaches a climax how well does it stand up?

Top Pick | Punk Mambo #0 | Valiant Comics | Wild Card

Two weeks in and the wild cards have it proving that buying comics can be moreish and addictive. Wild card? Yep, each week I’ll buy a title that catches my eye, often on a whim, that isn’t one of the titles I buy regularly. The danger is of course that if you enjoy one, you’ll want to buy the rest and before you know it you’re shelling out a fortune each week. You have to have a certain discipline and stick to your favourites otherwise it can easily get out of hand. No such danger with Punk Mambo, a one-shot from Variant Comics written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Robert Gill with colours from Jose Villarubbia.

Victoria is a disaffected youth from a comfortable home life who seeks out the punk lifestyle on the streets of London. When she she places her trust in a pair who take her under their wings she is betrayed and offered up to a wandering Voodou Priest. Where others gave up hope Victoria watched and learned aquiring the skills needed to reap revenge on those who betrayed her and who, in trying to enslave her, bestowed their power upon her.

Punk Mambo is a very different read to my usual set but proved engrossing and fun. It’s a little naive in it’s storyline but the premise is interesting and the artwork is better than average. A brief cameo from Sid Vicious was a nice addition.

Story [4/5] Artwork [4/5]

Daredevil #10 | Marvel Comics

Following Matt Murdock revealing himself to be Daredevil the practicing lawyer was forced to move to San Francisco where he and his girlfriend barely scrape a living. Murdock is beginning to feel more comfortable in his new surroundings where he has to familiarise himself with the sounds, smells and dimensions of the landscape. For those who may not know, Daredevil is of course blind but more than compensates with his other heightened senses and 360 degree radar sense.

As this story arc draws to a conclusion Daredevil is struggling with the ‘adopted’ (read kidnapped) offspring of Purple Man whose persuasive powers are nothing compared to those of the children combined. Such is the intensity of their abilities that they render even Daredevil powerless and sink him into a deep depression. What has been a sinister build up to this finale seems to resolve very quickly and without much effort proving to be something of an anti-climax. Still enjoyable, but not as fulfilling as I would have expected from a series that has been very strong up to this point.

It may well be worth jumping on board from #11 as the mix of serious tone with light relief works well. The artwork is typically Marvel, clean and well drawn with a good use of shading and effects to show Daredevils senses at work.

Story [3/5] Artwork [4/5]

Next week on the pull list… er… well, it’s a baron week so it could be a wild card special.

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