Comics | The Pull List | November 12th

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Comics | The Pull List | November 12th

Each week I bring you a preview of what’s hitting your local comic book store shelves come Wednesday, but what am I reading? This is The Pull List where I discuss the comics I’ve picked up this week.

This week was pretty heavy one for me with a load of my regular titles all dropping on the same day as well as an issue of AXIS I managed to miss last week AND my kids regulars Scooby Doo from DC Comics and My Little Pony: Friendship Forever from IDW Publishing. I won’t be reviewing the last two, they’re already lost in the depths of their bedrooms. In total I shelled out over £20 this week. Ouch!

Top Pick | Drifter #1 | Image Comics | Wild Card

Drifter #1 not only forms my wild card (A first instalment or comics I wouldn’t ordinarily buy) but also my top pick of the week. Written by Ivan Brandon and beautifully illustrated by Nic Klein the book begins with lead character Abram Pollux crash landing on a remote planet, being attacked and shot. He awakes after what feels like only a short time to discover that he’s been cared for in a Ghost Town.

There’s a western feel to the imagery mixed with a vast alien landscape expertly portrayed in full colour by Nic Klein. In many respects the artwork and contemporary design are reason enough to buy this comic alone. Add to that the interesting characters, not least the rugged and unruly Pollux, the underlying sense of danger and the twist at the end and Drifter just made it onto my regular pull list. A superb looking book with the potential to become something very interesting indeed.

Story [4/5] Artwork [5/5]

Thor #2 | Marvel Comics

I wasn’t terribly impressed with Thor #1, the much hyped introduction of the Goddess Of Thunder left a lot to be desired and this title teetered on the edge of falling off of my pull list. I was always going to give it a second chance and I’m pleased to see that the second instalment is a vast improvement over the first. Still masked and not formally identified the new guardian of Mjolnir struggles to get to grips with her new powers. I enjoyed the dynamic between here inner dialogue and uncontrollable verbal exclamations as she literally learns to run before she can walk. There’s a good pace to the story and lots of action with a hark back to the male Thor series, The God Of Thunder.

Story [4/5] Artwork [4/5]


MPH #4 | Image Comics

Mark Millar’s story is based around a small group of friends, disaffected youth who achieve the ability to move at unbelievable speed thanks to a strange pill known as MPH. The fourth instalment of this six part mini-series reaches something of a tipping point with the source of the drug coming to light, the gang becoming divided as a decision is made to give away the wealth they have amassed from crime to the poor and needy without the consent of all, and all the while the authorities are closing in on them whilst they become distracted. Sadly this series remains a bit too simplistic and unrefined for me. I’ll persevere but only because I’m a completist.

Story [3/5] Artwork [3/5]


The Silver Surfer #7 | Marvel Comics

I’ve been wholly disappointed with this new series of the Silver Surfer written by Dan Slott, which turns my favourite Marvel character into a misunderstood cartoon version of the Herald. It baffles me to read the many comments of praise levelled at this series. The mildly psychedelic artwork from Michael Allred isn’t refined, looks awkward and the story revolves around a the Surfer buddying up with an Earth girl (Dawn) in a barely disguised parody of Doctor Who. Seven comics in and half the book is filler in the form of flashbacks to events we haven’t been exposed to. It’s like Slott simply couldn’t think of enough to fill the pages, and yes, I understand that the flashbacks are there to reinforce the relationship between the characters, but it dragged on. Are Dawn and the Silver Surfer going out? That’s the cliffhanger at the end and it made me want to wretch. Why do I persist in buying this? My seven year old daughter enjoys it, and that is the age group this book appeals to.

Story [2/5] Artwork [2/5]

Avengers / X-Men | Axis #4 & #5

Despite making a point to look for it I managed to miss Axis #4 last week, so I’m in for a double this week as the story arc enters book two: Inversion. Things are getting flipped around as Captain America turns into a maniac hell-bent on control, the X-Men are trying to wipe out humanity and the Hulk’s inn Hulk is let loose as he embarks on a rampage of death and destruction. Spidey, Nova, Steve Rogers and some unlikely allies are the Earth’s best chance of saving the world.

Story [4/5] Artwork [4/5]


Next week on The Pull List – Daredevil #10 and another Wildcard.


Comics | This Week’s New & Noteworthy |... The comics preview is your first stop each week for discovering every new comic on the shelves and our top three titles of the week. Pick out your fa...
Comics | This Week’s New & Noteworthy |... The comics preview is your first stop each week for discovering every new comic on the shelves and our top three titles of the week. Pick out your fa...
Comics | This week’s new & noteworthy |... The comics preview is your first stop each week for discovering every new comic on the shelves and our top three titles of the week. Pick out your fa...

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