Converse Collaborate With Disney Pixar For Toy Story Themed Footwear

Converse Collaborate With Disney Pixar For Toy Story Themed Footwear

Wait, what? It was only a year and a bit ago we were reporting on a Vans X Toy Story collaboration. Now Woody, Buzz and co are flirting with Converse.

Footwear X Pop-Culture collaborations seem to be all the rage right now with Vans leading the way through their recent team ups with Nintendo, Charles Schultz’s Peanuts and, not so long ago, Toy Story.

In fact we reported on Vans Toy Story collaboration in October 2016. Sixteen months later and the news is that Converse have dropped their own line of shoes featuring Woody, Buzz and friends.

Converse X Toy Story

There are three classic Converse styles available. The boldest are a pair of Jack Purcells inspired by Buzz Lightyear which come in white and green with red detailing.

Converse X Toy Story

More subtle are these All Star 100 Low variants which feature your favourite characters from Toy Story in a simple black and white design.

Converse X Toy Story

Finally there are these All Star 100 High Tops which sport the same design as the low top version but with full colour illustrations.

For fans of the animated classic these shoes are a must have, but they’re not readily available in the West where consumers will need to stump up the hefty price tag and international shipping to import from suppliers in Japan like Atmos. Prices start at ¥9,000 (around £59.99).

Personally I prefer the Vans designs which were also far easier to get hold of. But tell us which you’d be happier kicking around in?

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