Criminal | Deadpool, Wonder Woman And Commissioner Gordon Walk Into A Movie

Criminal | Deadpool, Wonder Woman And Commissioner Gordon Walk Into A Movie

In a weird convergence of stars with superhero movie connections, Criminal is anything but a Marvel or DC movie.

Ok, I’ll admit it, it’s a slow news day. But it is kind of interesting that Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon in the Dark Knight Trilogy), and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) all star in action, crime, drama Criminal. Making it even nerdier, Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into Darkness) and Tommy Lee Jones (Men In Black / Two-Face in Batman Forever) also feature.

The film also echoes themes found in last year’s Self/Less in which Ryan Reynolds starred alongside Sir Ben Kingsley. In Criminal the memories of a deceased CIA agent are implanted into the mind of a dangerous criminal. A plot that’s not a million miles away from the premise of Self/Less where a dying, wealthy man is promised the opportunity to live on as his memories are transferred to a healthy, recently deceased donor body with dire consequences.

Criminal hits theatres from the 15th of April.

The memories & skills of a deceased CIA agent are implanted into an unpredictable and dangerous convict.

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