The Daily Mail And Star Wars Doesn’t Mix!

The Daily Mail And Star Wars Doesn’t Mix!

Comedian generates new title logos for Star Wars: Rogue One using reader’s comments from the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, in my opinion, is a horrible UK newspaper and it’s a view that’s shared amongst thousands of people. The right wing newspaper has terrible views of the world.

As an example, during the lead up to the referendum where the UK decided whether or not to leave the European Union, the newspaper printed several headlines that can be interpreted as stirring up racial hatred.

Their online counterpart is no better. One article was berating a man who was revealed to be a paedophile. In the links to other stories in the sidebar, there was an article about how beautiful a fifteen-year-old daughter of a famous celebrity looked with her shapely legs! Here’s a link to another good example about their views.

I’m trying to convey the views of this paper so you can understand their type of readership. The comments section of their articles can make for quite eye opening reading.

Twitter user Aaron Gillies (@TechnicallyRon) has recreated the Star Wars: Rogue One title logo using the disgusting and outdated views of Dail Mail readers.


But, it’s not just limited to Daily Mail readers, YouTube commenters get to have their say as well when Aaron knocked up these logos earlier in the year.


I sometimes wonder what the world is coming too!

Thanks to io9 for the story.

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