Daredevil Is The Latest Victim Of The Marvel/Netflix Cull

Daredevil Is The Latest Victim Of The Marvel/Netflix Cull

It comes as little surprise that Netflix and Marvel have canned Daredevil after three seasons. But it’s still a kick in the teeth for the fans.

Netflix and Marvel have already axed Iron Fist and Luke Cage and now they’ve spoiled Christmas by dropping Daredevil.

The hugely popular show is the latest to be cancelled as Marvel’s television shows are being systematically culled from the streaming service.


Daredevil has recently enjoyed a well received third season, but diminishing returns seem to be a big factor in the decision not to renew the show for a fourth season with some reports suggesting that the season three launch date attracted considerably less streamers than at the same time for the second season.

Marvel shows are expensive to make, the fewer viewers the less viable they become. This is in contradiction to the assumptions that we, and many others, previously made. With Marvel’s parent company gearing up for the launch of their Disney+ platform, speculation was rife that Disney were simply removing their shows from rival services.

This hypothesis doesn’t really hold up for the Netflix shows. Disney+ will offer exclusively family friendly content. There simply wouldn’t be a place for the graphically violent Daredevil, Iron Fist or Luke Cage shows on the platform.

Whilst the axing of Iron Fist and Luke Cage wasn’t necessarily devastating news, the addition of Daredevil to the list was a real blow. It’s now only a matter of time before Netflix’s remaining Marvel shows, Jessica Jones and The Punisher, are subject to the same fate.

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