Deadpool Returns In This Logan Themed Teaser

Deadpool Returns In This Logan Themed Teaser

Deadpool returns in this specially-shot teaser created to play before this weekend’s release of Logan.

Deadpool, the wisecracking, smart arse, mercenary received his own film in 2016. The R-rated film was produced on a small budget and became a huge box office success.

This feedback proved that an audience did exist for violent adult superhero movies and it was Deadpool‘s success enabled the latest X-Men film, Logan, also to be R-rated.

Whilst a Deadpool sequel has been confirmed, production has yet to start on the film. However, that didn’t stop 20th Century Fox and Ryan Reynolds from creating this specially-shot trailer for the film, designed specifically to play in front of Logan.

It’s very funny and even features a special Marvel cameo figure. The trailer had been appearing across the internet in a bootleg format taken from mobile phone recordings. To put an end to this, Ryan Reynolds uploading the trailer to his own YouTube account in HD.

Title: Deadpool 2

Release | US: 8th March 2018 | UK: TBA | World: IMDb


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