Death*Star | Toys II Men | Review

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Death*Star | Toys II Men | Review

Without much ceremony Death*Star dropped a new eight track release on Jesus’ birthday.

Such is the style of Death*Star that the Seattle trio usually send me a review copy of their music anything up to a year after the release date. Fuck those guys, I’m not waiting for this one. As expected Death*Star offer up a high calibre of skit on this latest release Toys II Men which you’ll find interspersed throughout. The music kicks in with Shell Of A Good Time which features Lex Lingo and Shubzilla on vocals. There’s a familiar feel to it if you’re up to speed with Death*Star’s previous albums as we’re treated to an upbeat and party-like vibe that incorporates elements of funk in this Ninja Turtles inspired track.

It shouldn’t take long to pick up on the theme running through Toys II Men (as if the title wasn’t clue enough). Master Of The Universe is musically a little neater than the previous track and rattles along at a good pace making it feel shorter than it’s actual 2:36 duration. Video games take centre stage firstly in the mid-release skit and then in Nintendo Hard, a track that draws inspiration from old school video games both lyrically and musically with a synth heavy anthemic soundtrack.

Wolf Pack takes the release in a very different direction with an imposing score incorporating heavy guitars and string arrangements. What it provides in punch and drama it loses with some dubious mixing. The vocals feel cranked up to compete with the might of the music resulting in a bit of a collision. Forgive this and you’ve got a really cool track.

Another skit later and it’s time to wrap this one up. I Kill You, I Kill Me works at a gentle pace with some really nice intricacies on the track whilst the twisted vocal hook feels a little harsh on what is otherwise a smooth sounding track.

Here’s the thing about Death*Star, they have made some of my favourite tracks of recent years and produce consistently high quality skits. Unfortunately a lot of the rest of their music feels unfinished, unloved or rushed, and at times that works, uncut diamonds are still worth having, I just wish they’d spend a little more effort polishing them up into something beautiful.

Toys II Men is available as a name your price release via Death*Star’s bandcamp page now.


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    December 30, 2014

    Thanks for the honest review, dude. It is very true that our EP work tends to hit the deck at about 80% finished; we tend to treat this stuff a bit more casually, and that’ll come across in the final product. Also, if Bill Beats isn’t heavily involved in the beat-making (which he was not, for this EP), the tracks as a whole can suffer. We just do what we do.


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