Definitly Not Game Over! | Alien Day 2017

Definitly Not Game Over! | Alien Day 2017

20th Century Fox invite you to celebrate Alien: Covenant and more with Alien Day 2017!

Last year marked the first “Alien day” on April 26th. The date was chosen as a breakdown of the name of the planet from the first two films in the Alien series, LV-426.

20th Century Fox is running “Alien Day” once again to help promote the latest film in the series, Alien: Covenant. But there is so much more to the event than just a film promotion.

The main event is the global live stream from Fox Studios in Los Angeles on April 26th. Starting at 10pm PST (5am GMT) a special one-hour event will feature cast members from Alien: Covenant.

The cast will take part in a Q&A session and exclusive new footage from the upcoming film will be included.

They will also announce the winner of the fan art competition (see below) and launch a digital “behind the scenes” series.

Alien: Covenant

A fan art competition is currently underway with a closing date of April 19th. Fans are encouraged to upload their Xenomorph-themed Alien artwork.

The winning design, as announced at the live event, will become a limited edition t-shirt available with pre-orders of Alien: Covenant on Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD at Walmart stores in the US.

An internet quiz will launch every 4 hours and 26 minutes, entitled the “MU/TH/UR of all ALIEN Trivia Challenges”. Fans will answer questions in a rapid-fire quiz with a chance of winning VIP trip to Ridley Scott’s upcoming Imprint Ceremony at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood amongst other exclusive prizes.

Across the globe on April 26th, there will be a global screening event of both Alien and Prometheus. These special screenings will also contain an exclusive sneak peek of Alien: Covenant and viewers will also receive a one in a kind commemorative item.

From April 26th going forwards, several of 20th Century Fox’s merchandising partners will reveal new items, some of them exclusive, that will go on sale to the fans to help celebrate one of the most iconic movie monsters.

20th Century Fox is also partnering with Madame Tussauds to announce on April 26th that a “terrifying arrival” at one of their iconic locations this summer.

Finally, Audible will release a new audio drama. Last year they released the excellent Alien: Out Of The Shadows, a tale that sits in-between Alien and Aliens. You can read my review here.


Alien Day

Whilst Alien: Out Of The Shadows focused on Ripley, River Of Pain features Rebbeca “Newt” Jordan and her parents. The story will detail the events of the colony of Acheron on LV-426, just prior to the film Aliens.

You can listen to an exclusive clip over at

Ellen Ripley finally returns to Earth, only to discover that LV-426 – where the crew of the Nostromo first came into contact with the deadly xenomorphs – has been renamed Acheron.

Protected by Colonial Marines, the colonists seek to terraform the storm-swept planet against all the odds. But in the face of brutal living conditions and the daily struggles of a new world, there is humanity and hope. Anne and Russell Jorden – two colonists who are seeking a fortune that eluded them on Earth – are expecting their first born child.

The birth of Rebecca Jorden, known to her family as ‘Newt’, is a cause for celebration. But as the colony grows and expands, so too do the political struggles between a small detachment of Colonial Marines and the Weyland-Yutani scientists posted on Acheron. Willing to overlook their orders in order to serve the Company’s interests, these scientists have another far more sinister agenda – to covertly capture a living Alien.

The wildcatters discover a vast, decaying spaceship. The horseshoe-shaped vessel is of particular interest to Weyland-Yutani, and may be the answer to their dreams. But what Anne and Russell find on board proves to be the stuff, not of dreams, but of nightmares.

This terrifying, cinematic, multi-cast dramatization – directed by the multi-award winning Dirk Maggs, best-known for his adaptations of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere for the BBC – is the sequel to Audible Original’s Alien: Out Of The Shadows (nominated for Best Audio Drama at the 2017 Audies).

Starring Golden Globe nominated Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies, Limitless), Alexander Siddig (Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Game of Thrones), Michelle Ryan (Bionic Woman, Doctor Who), Colin Salmon (Alien vs Predator, Arrow, James Bond), Marc Warren (Mad Dogs, Saving Private Ryan, Hustle) and Philip Glenister (Outcast, Life on Mars), with special guest star William Hope returning as Lt. Gorman from James Cameron’s Aliens.

There’s certainly a lot there to keep any die-hard Alien fan happy!

You can find out more by visiting

Alien Day



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