Documenting Video Game Music | The Players’ Score | Kickstarter

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Documenting Video Game Music | The Players’ Score | Kickstarter

Showcasing the cultural and personal impact of video game music, this documentary needs your backing.

With a passion for video game music a group of students, independent filmmakers and volunteers are attempting to raise $24,000 to complete their documentary about the cultural and personal impact of video game music. They’ve made a good start but need additional funding to complete the project.

Turning to kickstarter they’ve raised a little over $11,000 raised at time of writing with 31 days still to go. Should they achieve their target they will be able to travel to MAGfest to capture footage from a host of international artists including Mega Ran and DJ Cutman.

To back the project head on over to kickstarter where you’ll find a host of tempting incentives.

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