The Doubleclicks – Women Know Math ft 50 Artists | Video

The Doubleclicks – Women Know Math ft 50 Artists | Video

‘Women Know Math’ is a beautiful, sensitive and strong song promoting a positive message to women everywhere.

The Doubleclicks are sisters (Angela Webber and Aubrey Webber) from Portland, Oregon whose new song ‘Women Know Math’ is not only beautiful and sensitive, but promotes a strong message highlighting their frustration with  close minded preconceptions of how women are “supposed to act”.

Honest lyrics expose the hypocrisy behind the thought process of how some perceive a woman should behave; You gave us dolls and then you told us they were dumb, You told us we’d get hurt if we had too much fun, You see the problem? Women know math, You can’t tell us to do a thing, and then when we do it, laugh.

Emphasising the messages conveyed in the song, each phrase in the video is accompanied by an illustration. The Doubleclicks’ Angela Webber explains, “We wanted the message of the song to reach beyond our own limited experience as white women, so we reached out to the Internet and hired 50 artists”, she continues, “Many of our artists drew themselves, which is wonderful. There are artists of all ages and professions, including several scientists”.

‘Women Know Math’ is the first song from their next album ‘Love Problems’. The album will be their fifth full-length release.

The pair launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project and have already passed their $35,000 target. But with around twenty days still remaining there’s still plenty of time to head over and pre-order the new album, grab some merchandise and other exclusive incentives too.

About The Doubleclicks | The Doubleclicks (Angela Webber and Aubrey Webber) are a Portland-based musical duo who mix comedy, messages and geek culture in charming, catchy songs. Since debuting with a weekly YouTube songwriting project in 2011, the Doubleclicks have carved out a space in geek and songwriting communities with their message of empowerment and their penchant for involving their community of listeners in the creation of their music and videos. The Doubleclicks’ 2012 album Lasers and Feelings and 2015 album President Snakes hit the Billboard charts in comedy.

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