Duke01 | Eat Your Mistakes | VIDEO DEBUT

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Duke01 | Eat Your Mistakes | VIDEO DEBUT

We debut the dope new video from Duke01 right here, right now. Peep it!

Nottingham rapper Duke01 has teamed up with NYC producer Uncommon Nasa to produce the new LP Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition). This high energy release features the hard-edged, progressive production we’ve come to expect from Uncommon Nasa fused with expert cuts from notable turntablist Furious P. Duke01’s confident vocal style blends a rugged flow with pop culture references.

To compliment the lead single Eat Your Mistakes comes this incredible new video which boasts bold imagery that encapsulates the feel of the track. David ‘Dwyz’ Wayman directed, shot and edited the whole thing.

Get this in your eyes and ears. Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition) is available to pre-order now from uncommonrecords.bandcamp.com and affords you an early download of Eat Your Mistakes. A digital download will set you back $7.99 whilst a t-shirt as featured in the video can be yours for just $15.

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