The Expanse | Where Does It Go From Here? | S02 E06 ‘Paradigm Shift’

The Expanse | Where Does It Go From Here? | S02 E06 ‘Paradigm Shift’

How do you follow such a climactic episode of the Expanse? By opening a whole new can of worms. Episode six isn’t quite as dramatic, but certainly widens the scope of the show.

The last episode of ‘The Expanse’ was climactic and pivotal with Eros, Miller and the infected Julie Mao ploughing a hefty sized hole into Venus, saving the Earth from catastrophic loss of life. But that couldn’t possibly be the end of the biological alien outbreak, could it?

Episode 6 | Paradigm Shift | Spoilers Ahead

The sixth episode of this second season of SyFy’s highly praised flagship show takes a detour from it’s usual pace.

We see how high velocity space travel was unlocked by an amateur enthusiast in a series of flashbacks that feel somewhat at odds with the general feel of the show – each snippet narrated by the character in the first person.

Furthermore we discover deceit from expected and unexpected parties and catch up with Mars’ hyper-aggressive marines.

In the wake of Earth’s unsuccessful missile attack on Eros, the U.N’s first priority is to disable and recover their arsenal of 150 weapons. But when the crew of the Rocinante discover that thirty missiles evaded recovery when abort codes were issued it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which O.P.A. leader has just taken delivery of a number of high grade, state of the art, weapons.

The Expanse Fred Johnson

The ramifications of Fred Johnson’s ballsy move to commandeer U.N. missiles will inevitably lead to serious ramifications.

Aboard the Rocinante relations become frayed between crewmates Amos and Alex. Meanwhile Naomi sets into play an unthinkable act of betrayal. With the crew in agreement to destroy their sample of the alien protogen, Naomi reveals her own agenda, preserving the sample whilst deceiving Holden into thinking it has been fired into the sun.

However, it appears that the protogen may still be in the wrong hands as the slow-building sub-plot surrounding a squad of Mars marines forms an exciting and tense finale to the episode.

That final scene!

The Expanse | S02 E06 ‘Paradigm Shift’ airs tonight | 10/9 Central | SyFy

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