The Expanse | Miller Takes A Giant Leap | S02 E04 ‘Godspeed’

The Expanse | Miller Takes A Giant Leap | S02 E04 ‘Godspeed’

Once more emphasising the fact that the writers of Syfy’s flagship space opera have taken a “less is more” approach for season two, this week’s episode of The Expanse is focussed with little distraction from sub-plots.

Having taken out the lead scientist in a sick experiment that saw the inhabitants of the space station Eros infected with alien biology, Miller isn’t happy to leave matters there.

Episode 4 | Godspeed | Mild Spoilers Ahead

Thomas Jane - The ExpanseForming an alliance with OPA leader, Fred Johnson, Miller devises a plan to destroy the infected space station that involves commandeering the largest spacecraft ever built, a large amount of explosives and enlisting the help of the crew of the Rocinante – no mean feat considering their feelings towards him.

Leading the landing party responsible for planting explosives, Miller’s plans quickly falter. Not least when he discovers a breached airlock aboard Eros that could lead to the spread of infection and places Jim Holden, captain of the Rocinante, in a hopeless situation, jeopardising possibly innocent lives.

The situation worsens for Miller as he’s stranded on the hull of the space station with no apparent means of escape and facing certain death.

Meanwhile an unseen entity is shaping up to make a move that could change everything we thought we knew about everything in The Expanse.

The Expanse | S02 E04 ‘Godspeed’ airs tonight | 10/9 Central | SyFy

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