The Expanse | The Plot Thickens In Episode 3 | Static

The Expanse | The Plot Thickens In Episode 3 | Static

With the Rocinante battle scarred and the crew lucky to be alive, a clandestine alliance is forming between the UN and the OPA in this week’s episode of The Expanse.

SyFy’s flagship series premiered with a double episode last week that established a better pace and clearer writing style. Episode three ‘Static’, adds further to the growing sense that The Expanse is fast becoming the best space opera on television right now.

Episode 3 – Static | Mild Spoilers Ahead

The best chance of finding a cure for the alien infection unleashed on Eros looks likely to have died when Miller (Thomas Jane) lets his emotions get the better of him in the season 2 premiere.

Now exiled from the Rocinante the former police officer begins to formulate an extreme plan to tackle the situation and seeks to persuade OPA leader, Fred Johnson (Chad L. Coleman)into helping. Meanwhile Johnson finds an unlikely ally high up in the official hierarchy of Earth’s UN.

Politically the situation still rests on a knife edge. Earth responds to Mars’ destruction of a joint outpost with a similar show of force, targeting and destroying one of the red planet’s moons with a small population. Cool heads currently prevail but a shift in power could ignite all-out war.

Draper The Expanse

Key to the evolving story is Roberta ‘Gunny’ Draper (Frankie Adams), an officer in the Mars military whose temper and desire to fight look to be volatile and dangerous. Her actions may prove pivotal in any aggression forthcoming from Mars.

Whilst the Rocinante is docked for repair her crew cope with the downtime in different ways. Naomi (Dominique Tipper) gets loose and lets off some steam. Alex (Cas Anvar), remorseful at the loss of life in their previous mission, hones his piloting skills in simulations. Captain Holden (Steven Strait) becomes introverted whilst Amos (Wes Chatham) exhibits an unexpected skill for extracting information from a prisoner that might unlock the mystery of Eros.

‘The Expanse’ Season 2 ‘Static’ airs tonight | 10/9 Central | SyFy

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