The Expanse | Wizkids Announce A New Board Game

The Expanse | Wizkids Announce A New Board Game

SyFy’s hit television show, The Expanse, is making its way to a table-top near you.

Game manufacturer Wizkids have announced that The Expanse is headed to table-tops in the form of a new board game.

Designed for two to four players The Expanse will borrow characters and events from the television show to gain control of the Solar System. Playing as Earth’s U.N. Forces, Mars’ Military, O.P.A’s rebels or the mysterious corporation Protogen Inc, each player will have special abilities that must be exercised to gain advantage.

The game has been designed by Geoff Engelstein (Space Cadets, Fog of War) in collaboration with Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (writing under the collaborative pen name James S. A. Corey) the authors of the novels that the television show is based on.

Included are a game board, Influence cubes, Fleet tokens, player mats, action cards, tech cards, misc. tokens and rules.

The Expanse board game will be on sale this summer with a recommended retail price of $49.99. For

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