Good News Everyone! Fan-O-Rama Has Arrived!

Good News Everyone! Fan-O-Rama Has Arrived!

After years of hard work, a live action Futurama fan film hits the internet! All hail the Hypnotoad!

Way back in the middle of last year, I reported on the existence of a live action Futurama fan film that debuted with a teaser trailer. The creative team behind the project, Cinema Relics Productions, were still hard at work on the film at the time and announced that it will arrive when ready.

To keep the fans ticking over, there have been several behind the scenes videos over at Adam Savage’s (of Mythbusters fame) YouTube channel. These videos, which are great if you’re a behind the scenes buff like me, have been focusing on the excellent practical effects that have been created for the film.

All your favourite characters have been created using various techniques such as animatronic models, prosthetic make-up pieces and even full head masks. This really is a labour of love and it’s interesting to see how the artists have made the jump from flat two-dimensional artwork into our three-dimensional world.

The episode in question is a classic Futurama tale. Bender and Fry are shocked to discover they have run out of beer. Just at that moment, a new beer commercial pops into their television screens with an amazing compeition offering the prize of a lifetime’s supply of beer. All you have to do is write a musical jingle for future beer commercials.

And so Fry and Bender’s quest begins, if only working at Planet Express didn’t get in the way!

You can watch the full episode below.

To find out more, visit the official Fan-O-Rama site.



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