Got A Spare $90k? Buy A ‘Back to the Future’ Delorean

Got A Spare $90k? Buy A ‘Back to the Future’ Delorean

This replica of the ‘Back to the Future Part II’ Delorean has appeared on eBay with a hefty ‘buy it now’ price of just $90,000.00!

Why the high price? Well, apart from being a pristine example of the iconic time machine that transported Doc Brown and Marty McFly into the future – perfectly modified to replicate the vehicle. You’re also buying a business.

Danny Botkin is something of an authority on Deloreans, in particular those that replicate the Back to the Future time machines. He’s worked on the actual ‘A’ car from the first in the trilogy which is on display at Universal Studios as well as numerous replicas. He also owns the Delorean Motor Co of CA.


Posted on eBay with a ‘buy it now’ price of $90k, this 1981 model is described as ‘clean and dependable’ and comes with a meagre 44,280 miles on the clock. Botkin has been renting the car out for special occasions and as such alludes to the fact that you’re not just buying a superb piece of nostalgia, but a business too.

With a starting price of $200, the car has been hired for events and special occasions. Botkin also throws in a Hoverboard, Marty McFly’s cap and other movie props for photo opportunities. But for those special occasions (weddings, birthdays etc) the time circuits can also be set to specific dates. See the website.

With a little under nine days left on the listing at time of writing – there has been one cheeky bid of $50,000.00 which does not meet the reserve.

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