Grab The Groupees Nerdcore Bundle & Help Get Music To Kids With Cancer

Grab The Groupees Nerdcore Bundle & Help Get Music To Kids With Cancer

With a wide cross section of Nerdcore Hip-Hop and Pop, the Groupees Nerdcore Bundle offers something for every fan of nerd music.

Offering music from YT Cracker & MC Lars, Sammus, Dan Bull, Wordburglar and Kabuto The Python the Groupees Nerdcore Bundle brings you a selection of ‘must-have’ nerdcore, all you have to do is donate some dollar and help MyMusicRx in the proceeds.

MyMusicRx is an organisation set up to bring music to kids and teens facing cancer and other serious illnesses. Through their tutorials, exclusive performances, music lessons and artist greetings the purpose of the the resource is to provide music medicine. By donating as little as a couple of dollars to the Groupees Nerdcore Bundle, you’ll receive a selection of great music and your money will go a long way towards helping a great charity.

What’s in the bundle? Only the latest album from Wordburglar, Rapplicable Skills. Any donation is worth making for this album alone which is Burgie’s best work to date – official. Any self respecting nerdcore fan should already have The Digital Gangster LP in their collection, a classic collaborative effort from YT Cracker and MC Lars, as well as Another M by Sammus. But if you don’t?.. you know what to do. Other albums from in the form of The Garden by Dan Bull, A compilation of music from Professor ShyguyThe Adventures of Duane & BrandO  with Mario 3, Have Some Fun by Starf and Galactic Dinosaur Patrol (Special Edition) by B-Type. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, the bundle is just $65 (at time of writing) away from unlocking a bonus album from Kabuto The Python. The Almighty is KTP’s most recent album with production from Variant and this Deluxe edition features acapellas and instrumentals too.

So whether you own all, some or none of the albums feature in the Groupees Nerdcore Bundle, get your eWallet out and donate a couple of dollars for a very good cause and enjoy some great music at the same time.

Head on over to to get involved now.

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