Gucci Are Out To Mess With Nineties Gamer Kids

Gucci Are Out To Mess With Nineties Gamer Kids

What The actual F Gucci?! The luxury brand provokes PTSD in survivors of the nineties console wars.

Purveyors of designer wears, Gucci, are out to mess with the heads of nineties kids across the land. With their new footwear the company are blending iconic pop-culture imagery.

Nothing new there. Companies, like Vans, have teamed up with the like of gaming giants Nintendo for limited edition runs of apparel, and Puma have teamed up with SEGA recently.

In fact, if you read this site regularly, you’ll have seen plenty of footwear crossovers with all kinds of fandoms.

Gucci are taking a distinctly different approach though. They’ve not gone for a direct collaboration, rather they’re mixing up iconic imagery from the nineties two biggest games companies. Nintendo and SEGA – but in the most unsettling way.

Gucci Rhyton

Using the instantly recognisable SEGA font and the distinct Nintendo colours and racetrack the company spell out their name in a truly troubling way.

The amalgamation of the logos of two of history’s biggest games companies is likely enough to trigger post traumatic stress disorder in nineties kids who lived through the legendary consoles wars.

During the 16-Bit era fans would more commonly than not take allegiance with one company or the other. In the nineties few families could afford both SEGA and Nintendo. Kids had to consider their choice long and hard at a time where classroom divides were often determined by whether you played on a Megadrive (Genesis) or SNES.

Gucci’s unsubtle logo emblazoned on the side of their ‘Rhyton’ trainers will certainly catch the eye. But those same eyes will probably water at the price of the black leather footwear.

One pair will set you back a small fortune at £670.00 each. Ouch!

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