Homeless X Big Cats | The Polar Bear Rug

Homeless X Big Cats | The Polar Bear Rug

Homeless and Big Cats drop and album you’re going to want to own. Good news! It’s free.

At the end of 2013 Homeless teamed up with the Van Gobots to produce an album I’ve enjoyed on and off ever since. Blending alt-rock with hip-hop on that occasion, the indie rapper from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has proven time and again that he is an adaptive talent. Always seeking a new collaboration and keeping his output fresh, Homeless now collaborates with Big Cats to bring a new seven track album to the masses.

The album titled The Polar Bear Rug oozes indie sensibilities in sentiment and tone, with just a hint of commercial appeal breaking the surface on penultimate track  A Thousand Times. Homeless delivers his vocals in a matter-of-fact style which keeps the feel serious.

With close to ten years experience under his belt Homeless is an accomplished rapper producing consistently good music in varying styles, each stamped with his distinguishing mark. Polar Bear Rug is just the latest in a strong of great projects worth checking out at homelessryank.com. Visit there and you’ll also be able to download this latest album for free, or you can pick it up on iTunes or soundcloud.


Will Harrison

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