The Humble Lego Brick, 57 Years Old Today

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The Humble Lego Brick, 57 Years Old Today

The modern Lego brick was patented on the 28th of January 1958 and has brought immeasurable joy to generations.

From the Danish phrase leg godt which translates to play well comes the name Lego, a name that carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen bestowed upon his company whilst still creating wooden toys in his workshop in 1932. It wasn’t until 1947 that the company moved on to creating products from plastic and eventually in 1949 began creating early versions of the classic building brick.

1954 was a decisive year in the future of Lego as Godtfred, son of Christiansen, become Junior Managing Director and began to realise the potential of the building blocks. Finally in 1958 the modern Lego brick was patented. Interestingly the first mini figure didn’t feature until 1978. Since then the world of Lego has captured the hearts of each generation of kids in turn and spawned countless sets and variations of brick.

Happy birthday Lego!


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