Internet Explorer Comes To An End

Internet Explorer Comes To An End

Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer is no more and a new browser will takes its place in the latest upcoming version of their operating system, Windows 10.

If your like me, late thirties, then you may remember browsing the world wide web for the first time back in the nineties. It was basic, slow but at the same time a wondrous new thing.

To do this you needed a program known as a browser but you already know that as your reading these very words through one and there’s so many to choose from.

However back in the 90’s there was very little choice. In fact there was really only one program called Netscape Navigator which was released in 1994. Microsoft took note and responded with Internet Explorer which was released the following year.

By 2002 Internet Explorer had gained 95% usage share of all web browsing. However with the release of Firefox, Chrome and even Safari in the following years, Internet Explorer usage dropped significantly. Poor old Internet Explorer soon became a browser everyone loved to hate and Microsoft tried to capitalize on this when they released this video to promote the software in 2012 in order to show that it was very different to earlier versions.



The replacement software is currently being developed under its code name, “Project Spartan”. Microsoft is already performing market research on new names to try and get away from the stigma associated with Internet Explorer as being slow and buggy. Something that hasn’t been true since version seven.

The new Internet Explorer will probably be released the same time as Microsoft Windows 10. A release date has yet to be announced.

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