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Investigating The Great Comic-Book And Gaming Crossover

Investigating The Great Comic-Book And Gaming Crossover

Few things are so instantly nerd-friendly as comic-books and video games. And that’s why we were overjoyed by last month’s news that Marvel Comics are teaming up with Square Enix to produce many years’ worth of comic-book and video-gaming crossover hits!

In light of this momentous news, it seems like the perfect time to have a look at how some of our favourite comic-book heroes have fared in the gaming realm.

Batman has had a pretty successful gaming career over the years, with last year’s Arkham Knight from Rocksteady being a dependable source of bat-shaped gaming entertainment. The same can’t be said for Superman who’s had a disastrous run on the consoles with Superman 64 often picking up the undesirable accolade of being the worst game of all-time!

The Caped Crusader has also made the unexpected appearance over at the betway casino gaming website as the star of The Dark Knight Rises slots game. But for true arcade fun, Batman would have a tough challenge trying to match the adrenaline of Neversoft’s 2000 Spider-Man game that used Spidey’s wall-climbing skills to become one of the PlayStation’s best-loved comic-book releases.

LEGO Marvel

Whilst the Hulk may have had a limited output of self-titled video games, he struck lucky when he was included in the acclaimed LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game. This great action adventure title assembled a huge selection of characters like Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America from the Marvel universe and gave them unlimited open-world opportunities to explore.

Not that Marvel has been exactly short of great gaming adaptations, with 2006’s Marvel: Ultimate Allegiance being another solid RPG courtesy of Activision Games. But apart from the aforementioned Batman successes, it seems that DC Comics might be having a harder time in adapting to the gaming trend.

The Watchman: The End is Nigh game suffered from being overly repetitive, and the Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters game was almost as bad as the Ryan Reynolds movie of the same era. And what’s worse is that the hugely anticipated Justice League title from Double Helix was canned even before the game was released!

But seeing as Batman recently added to his slots gaming conquest with a highly rated virtual reality outing for the PlayStation VR, it’s hoped that DC will soon match Marvel’s success in the gaming domain.

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