Is it a PS4, Xbox One…No its the Ouye!

Is it a PS4, Xbox One…No its the Ouye!

A crowd funding campaign in Japan is asking for money to develop a new console…except, it looks rather familiar!

If you head over to the Japanese crowd funding site and lay down around £45/$70, you’ll put yourself in line for the latest console, the Ouye. However upon second glance you’ll notice that Sony and Microsoft might have something to say about this new gaming machine.

Looking almost exactly like Sony’s PlayStation 4 with a little ribbing from Microsoft’s Xbox One, this latest console isn’t exactly a powerhouse of a gaming machine either. Further inspection of the Japanese web site reveals that this machine is actually a custom android powered games console, much like the ill fated Ouya.


That’s right, not only does the physical appearance infringe several trademarks, even the name does as well. Also lets not forger the controller as well which is also heavily stepping on Mircrosoft’s toes.


Thanks to a reader of Kotaku who translated some further details. Chinese netizens are already opposed to the machine because of the blatant rip off factor. Also the company behind this console has spent fifteen months bringing the device to market with six months spent on the unique design. That’s a bold statement!

Thanks to Kotaku & Eurogamer.


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