Is It Sportswear Or Cosplay? | Dress Like Quicksilver

Is It Sportswear Or Cosplay? | Dress Like Quicksilver

Product placement is common in movies and there’s plenty of it in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

There are some blatant examples of product placement in this month’s blockbuster movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. A Gillette razor deserves an end of film credit it took the limelight so prominently. Tony Stark’s Audi R8 gives an admirable performance – by driving itself. The Hulk apparently thinks classical music sounds better through Beats headphones and even the incorruptible Captain America, Steve Rogers, takes time to promote his Under-Armor clothing, whilst Stark Industries weaponry is a common feature of several Marvel movies (ok, maybe not the last one). But Quicksilver is unique in the fact that almost his entire ‘superhero’ costume is made up of products available to buy today.

Quicksilver goes through a few different looks in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and indeed, early in the movie, sports a retro cool Hummel tracksuit top. But it’s later when Pietro Maximoff (spoiler alert) joins forces with the Avengers, that he dons the recognisable outfit seen on the movie posters. And it’s a look you can replicate too! Sporting an Under Armor top, track pants and in a moment of product placement that may have passed some by, the speedy character selects a pair of Adidas running shoes as his weapons ahead of the final battle. The overall look is understated, but for those want the Quicksilver look on their morning slog around the local park the news is good, for a price.

The Under Armor top will set you back a not insignificant £75.00 whilst the Adidas adizero Prime Boost LTD Shoes come in at almost double that at a hefty £145.00. Is it sportswear or is it cosplay? Perhaps it’s both. I’m a keen runner but, ouch! I’m not breaking the bank for these. Other Avengers colourways for the adidas shoes are also available.

Under Armor top | £75.00 from

Adidas adizero Prime Boost LTD Shoes | £145.00 from



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