It’s #AlienDay 2018 | Which Is The Greatest Alien Film? | #POLL

It’s #AlienDay 2018 | Which Is The Greatest Alien Film? | #POLL

It’s time to vote for your favourite Alien film as we celebrate Alien Day 2018, April 26th.

With the date derived from LV426, the planet on which Ripley first encounters the Alien, each April 26th has become a celebration of Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi horror franchise.

Building a unique world in which humans face impossible adversaries unlike anything seen anywhere else, the Alien films have captured the imagination of generations of movie goers and film fanatics for almost thirty years.

As always there are a number of ways to join the celebrations from virtual reality experiences, comic books, exclusive merchandise and more. To find out more visit

For us, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a movie marathon.

Starting way back in 1979 we have one for the purist. Ripley’s first encounter with the ‘Alien’. But whilst the first film established the franchise, many revere ‘Aliens’, with a kick-ass protagonist, as the pinnacle of the series.

In 1992 ‘Alien³’ divided audiences. For me, personally, this third instalment of the series is a strong addition. Different enough from the first two to set it apart, but maintaining the key elements. On the other hand 1997’s ‘Alien: Resurrection’, though a watchable film, pales in comparison to all other films before it.

The series went way back in 2012 with the prequel ‘Prometheus’. Whilst it has a loyal fanbase, many movie goers were left scratching their heads at this one.

Finally in 2017 came ‘Alien: Covenant’, a generally, poorly received follow up to ‘Covenant’. You can read our review here.

But which is your favourite? Drop us a comment below and vote in our poll below. Share with your friends and spark a debate this #AlienDay.

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