Jurassic World Alive – It’s Like Pokémon GO With Dinosaurs

Jurassic World Alive – It’s Like Pokémon GO With Dinosaurs

Discover dinosaurs in your town with a new AR game from Ludio Inc. Jurassic World Alive borrows heavily from Niantic’s Pokémon GO.

In collaboration with Universal Pictures, Ludio Inc is preparing to unleash dinosaurs upon the world. With Jurassic World Alive, a new augmented reality (AR) game for mobile devices, you’ll be able to capture up to 100 different types of prehistoric beast in the real world when the game launches this Spring.

Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Live essentially looks a whole lot like Pokémon GO, but with dinosaurs. Similar to Pokémon GO different dinosaurs will be specific to certain areas in the real world. One major difference though will be that you won’t always physically have to go out looking for dinos in the wild. A drone can be deployed to go out and collect DNA.

With dinosaur DNA in your inventory you’ll be able to create whole new crossbreeds, which sounds like a really bad idea. Eventually you’ll be able to pit your dinosaurs against each other in a style, I can only image, will be similar to Pokémon GO gyms.

Alongside other games already announced, like Ghostbusters World, and Niantic’s own movie franchise tie-in, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite it looks like 2018 will see a surge of AR games for mobile devices, each cashing in on the proven success and gameplay of Pokémon GO.

Jurassic World Alive will be available on iOS and Android this Spring. You can register your interest at jurassicworldalive.com.

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