Just A Tease Of The Ghost in the Shell

Just A Tease Of The Ghost in the Shell

One of Japan’s most successful anime films has been remade into live action starring Scarlett Johannson.

Ghost in the Shell was originally a Japanese manga (comic) before becoming an anime (animated film) that was released in 1995. Now over twenty years later, this iconic cyberpunk tale has been remade in live action.

When the casting of Scarlett Johannson was first announced, fans of the original work were up in arms over Hollywood’s whitewashing of the lead role stating that an Asian should have been cast instead.

I was surprised to hear stories of using CGI to enhance Scarlett’s face to give her a more Asian appearance. Paramount confessed this was true but the tests were not applied to Scarlett and they were very short lived.

Johannson is playing Major Motoko Kusanagi, a woman whose being is almost totally cybernetic due to an accident in her childhood which required her to undergo full body prosthesis, including her brain. Unfortunately, this leaves her open to attacks from cyber criminals.

This isn’t a conventional trailer as Paramount have released five, ten-second teasers which have been grouped together here for convenience. We at least get a feel for the film’s design and aesthetic.

Title: Ghost in the Shell

Release | US: 31st Mar 17 | UK: 31st Mar 17 | World: IMDb


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